What the Mainstream Media Refuses to Tell You About Sharia Law in the U.S.

Not surprising in our ultra-offended and sensitive society, the mainstream media continues to ignore Sharia Law’s gradual debut into U.S. courts and its ability to unravel the fabric of American culture. The problem has been going on for years, and I have yet to find anyone who knows…or cares. Worst off, the few who do care are quickly branded as racist and narrow minded, making those who do raise their voices on a fast track to the slaughter house.

Yet Sharia Law may pose one of the biggest threats that this country must combat today. Instead of fostering a more happy-go-lucky melting pot society, Sharia Law victimizes women and children, while destroying the U.S.’s conviction that all people are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sharia Law doesn’t create a more welcoming country; it instead produces a society tolerant to belief systems fueling oppression, victimization and abuse. And in the name of cultural diversity and #MuslimLivesMatter, we are willing to turn a blind eye to these truths.

Sharia Law sets forth the fundamental commandments of Islamic religion, much of which specifically victimizes women and children. According to Sharia Law, husbands may physically abuse their wives if they fail to submit and may marry up to four women, who must be at least nine years of age before the marriage is consummated. All women and girls must undergo female genital mutilation and are forbidden from driving cars. Although a woman’s testimony typically equals one half of a man’s in court, in the case of rape, it is next to impossible to achieve fair and legal retribution. A woman is outlawed from testifying against her rapist in court, and a rapist can only be convicted if a woman secures the witness of four males. Failure to do so results in the woman being labeled an adulterer–a sin punishable by death.

Despite the hideousness of such laws, many left-wingers temporarily forget their call to woman equality and instead argue that reporting the truths of Sharia Law fosters Islamophobia and creates a hostile environment for Muslim-Americans. And so the Women’s March’s co-chair is none other than Linda Sarsour, who staunchly advocates for the United States to embrace Sharia Law on the basis that it is ‘reasonable’ and mostly misunderstood. My challenge to such a claim is this: Sharia Law dictates that any woman not wearing a hijab is sexually available to a man. We can see the grotesque implications of such a law by remembering what happened in Germany during their New Year’s Eve Celebrations in 2015 when over 450 women were sexually assaulted by men mostly from originating from North Africa and Arabia. The Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, responded that women should simply keep an arm’s length distance from such men. And Reker perceives herself as a feminist. More recently, Turkey acquitted two men who honor killed their sister after she opted for a more Western lifestyle.

Every day, Sharia Law threatens to become a more invasive and destructive force within American society. States all over the country have been engaged in heated debates about whether or not U.S. courts should recognize Sharia Law. After certain Muslim groups began petitioning their state legislators, North Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, Tennessee and a handful of other states introduced restrictive measures to keep Sharia Law out of their court systems. Some states are struggling to implement these restrictions, however, after the Muslim Brotherhood has branded them as “Islamophobic” and hence discriminating. Even more problematic, several courts have caved under the threats of being deemed racist and intolerant and have sought to grant Sharia Law a prime seat within American politics. Oklahoma is just one state to suffer from such political correctness when despite over 70% of residents voting to ban Sharia Law in 2010, the 10th circuit determined that such a ruling undermined religious freedom, stigmatized those of the Muslim faith and was therefore most likely unconstitutional. The same rationale is being used in courts all across the country today.

I think the United States is floundering in such a mess largely because the media has skewed our melting pot heritage into an anything goes mentality. And because we certainly can’t call bull lest we be taken as racist, the American people are expected to shut up, while perverse, foreign ideology invades public interest. Yet left-wingers who claim that opposing Sharia Law fundamentally unravels America’s diversity fail to understand that such diversity is not founded upon blind acceptance and cultural idealism, but by the moralistic principle that all people–women and children included–are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Sharia Law threatens to obliterate such pillars of American society and swap freedom and independence for victimization and political correctness. As Americans, there is nothing wrong with fighting tooth and nail for the convictions that make America great. And there is also nothing wrong with welcoming foreigners into our country under the stipulation that in America everyone is endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.  Doing so isn’t racist, Islamophobic or intolerant. It’s constitutional, moralistic, and flat out American.


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