North Korea’s Nuclear Test Suggests Troubling Connection to Iran and Obama

While Maxine Waters diagnoses Trump with mental illness and Democrats seek to impeach Trump over phony Russian conspiracy theories, North Korea successfully tested an ICBM that could strike Alaska. Yet despite The Washington Times labeling it a “surprise launch,” North Korea simply did what it has been threatening to do for years. North Korean representatives have long vocalized their desire to “destroy” the U.S. and to develop the nukes necessary to make South Korea’s obliteration a “piece of cake.”

Regardless of such threats and a vagrant disregard for compromise, the last three presidential administrations have adopted a relatively lax stance towards North Korea’s hostility. Each administration invoked sanctions and participated in diplomatic missions, all of which gave North Korea a free pass to test nuclear weapons with minimal interference. But with the launching of the ICBM, the U.S.’s passivity has come to screeching halt, leaving Trump with the responsibility of weighing “very series” tactics.

All this hype about North Korea has, however, dismissed a potentially troubling association between Iran, North Korea and the Obama administration. Iran has long operated as North Korea’s sidekick, testing the same missiles that were previously produced in Kim Jong-un’s nuclear facilities. Iran has launched fourteen ballistic missiles since The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was enacted in July of 2015. Iran was reported to have successfully tested a ballistic missile just earlier this year.

More recently, defense analysts have warned of a possible trade agreement between the two countries, with both Iran and North Korea developing and sharing nuclear technologies, as well as strategizing on future innovations. Yet despite such grievances, Obama has often spoken of the U.S. being indebted to Iran because of an irresolution in an arms deal enacted prior to the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Obama’s guilt ultimately sought to cost taxpayers 1.7 billion, with the the initial 400 million eerily coinciding with a hostage release.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit earlier last month in response to Obama’s alleged 400 million ransom payment. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton defended the lawsuit by stating, “The Obama administration’s secretive $400 million payoff to the Iranian regime was an abuse of power and may have been illegal.”

Regardless of whether it breached any legalities, Obama’s actions underscore utter disregard for Americans’ safety and an inability to defend our interests abroad. But most importantly, Obama’s infamous arms deal highlights why the United States so desperately needs an America First agenda. Sanctions and diplomatic meetings fail to materialize when government officials cough up over a billion dollars to a country conspiring to destroy the U.S. Slaps on the wrists morph into nothing more than political correctness when our nation’s leaders foot the bill for Iran and North Korea’s rogue behavior.

If three presidential administrations have taught us anything, enacting sanctions and delivering threats entailing ambiguous consequences do nothing. And that is why I am both proud and relieved to have Donald Trump defending our country right now. Because if the first few months of his being in office have taught us anything, promises made are promises kept. “Very series” tactics mean deliverable outcomes, not some politically correct speech laced with grand promises and empty retributions. America First means refusing to fund governments condoning terrorism and plotting our demise.

For the first time in over two decades, North Korea has finally met its match.


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