Advice for College Republicans Studying at Predominantly Liberal Universities

Although attending institutions that pride themselves on diversity, tolerance and freethinking, college conservatives are targeted simply because they think differently than their tree-hugging, gun hating, Trump obstructionist professors. I know. This past spring, I graduated from a small, Christian college tucked in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania. Despite the college labeling itself as nondenominational and motivating students to critically evaluate their worldview, I came to understand the great hypocrisy underlining the academic world today.

Only conservatives are encouraged to reevaluate their belief systems and to grapple with the possibility that their way of thinking warrants correction. Only conservatives must shut up and regurgitate left-wing propaganda because their beliefs are too divisive, naive, and offensive. Only conservatives are narrow-minded. Only conservatives need to be more tolerant.

And in an environment that champions group bathrooms, Sharia Law, 50+ sexual orientations, and marching around Washington with pussy hats, conservative values are apparently so perverse that the snowflakes need safe places to retreat to when they are not rioting in Berkeley and setting streets ablaze, smashing conference centers with sledge hammers, and hollering war cries calling for Trump’s assassination.

Yet such degenerate behavior flies not because Trump somehow destroyed the moral fabric of our country, but because professors and faculty have been preaching a message of conservative intolerance for decades. My college’s indoctrination involved professors substituting class lectures for discussions on The New York Times‘ post-election despair, faculty urging students to pick between their faith and Trump, students writing essays about our president being an “orange anus,” staff members preaching that Trump captured the white vote because people were embarrassed about having a black president, and professors creating safe spaces for students to mourn America’s demise.

I quickly realized the ugliness of the Democratic Party and the great hypocrisy that underlines their hollow demands for justice, tolerance, and diversity. I learned even quicker the extent to which liberals bore their teeth into the academic world and showed no sign of relent. It’s a smart move on their part as culture proves to be the driving force of world politics. And perhaps that is why as I watch Berkeley students become so unhinged by Ann Coulter’s right to free speech that I realize that the fight for conservative values must be waged on college campuses.

Here’s how everyone can take a stand.

1). Join your campus’ Republican club. 

I knew a maximum of ten Republicans throughout my collegiate career. Although such isolation sparked my passion for regaining these liberal breeding grounds, I recognized the importance of dialoguing about current affairs in an environment where I wouldn’t be seen as racist or intolerant. I wanted to know how to defend my compassion for refugees and my concern for national security. I needed to find a way to articulate the fact that waving an American flag is not a slap in the face to African-Americans and does not undermine Christ’s desire for global redemption. I had to be validated in my anger and sheer disappointment at seeing the same people who preach tolerance simultaneously wavering “Love Trumps Hate” posters beside giant Trump dolls hanging from a noose.

I never joined the Republican club—a decision I continue to regret because I have since realized that just because I was in the minority doesn’t mean I was alone. Republican clubs provide a supportive network for conservative students to share ideas, argue against professors’ anti-Trump spiels, and push back against liberal indoctrination. After all, part of professors’ agenda is to sever conservative students, strip universities of their diversity, and force everyone to regurgitate their own propaganda. But the truth is, even at Berkeley, there is a resilient group of students refusing to hand over their convictions. There’s strength in numbers, and it’s up to you to get involved, but while the rest of campus is sobbing in safe spaces, it’s reassuring to have a built-in support system.

2) Contribute to your school newspaper.

Despite Democrats’ confusion, even Republicans are entitled to free speech. Take advantage of your first amendment rights and once or twice a month, collaborate with a group of students to write and submit an article to your school newspaper. Doing so will not only create a platform to defend conservative values, but will also help you to better articulate the importance of repealing Obamacare, building the wall, and putting America back to work.

3)  Community members and government officials should be involved on campus.

College Republicans need to know that they are being supported and that community members understand the sacrifice it takes to defend their beliefs in an environment propagating conservative intolerance. Local government officials and community leaders shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Republican clubs and foster relationships with students. Don’t wait for an invite. Ask if you can come to next week’s meeting and instead of delivering a five-point speech on the woes of Obamacare, dialogue with students about the questions and concerns they are hesitant to vocalize on campus. Doing so will strengthen Republicans’ platform and will also encourage a support system extending into the wider community.

4) When they go low, we go high.

And remember, just because grown adults are running around with vaginas on their heads, threatening to blow up the White House, and making jokes about Trump’s assassination doesn’t justify retorting back in a similarly crude and baseless manner. Be blunt and punch hard, but have integrity. If you need some character tips, watch any speech by Hillary Clinton or Barak and Michelle Obama before the election. Thankfully they had to stuff their speeches with moral guidance to make up for their lack of policy.


College campuses are not a lost cause to Republicans. Together, we can fight for colleges and universities all across the nation to flourish as truly diverse institutions that champion freethinking and integrity, rather than spoon-fed propaganda. The course of our country depends on it.



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